E and Bo go east – Day 2&3 Cape Cod – Newport

We woke up bright and early after our stay in the luxurious Red Roof Inn in New Briton, CI. Aka the furthest we could get to at 2am from Penn State. After giving the conncierge a raving 5 star review on trip advisor so he could win a $600 bonus (please ignore that review it’s actually a pretty terrible hotel) we got in the car for the 3 hour stretch to Cape Cod. I was supe antsy the whole way since I knew the surf forecast was reading 3ft offshore winds, the perfect warm up to a week of surf. We stopped for breakfast at a cute little cafe in Mansfield , Massachusetts where our server spoke with that perfect ‘New England’ accent as we asked for pancakes and bacon. Thank god I was hungery otherwise I probably would have strangled Laura for ‘god forbid’ wanting to eat breaky after a long drive the night before, I was that eager to get there.

Cape Cod is a popular east coast tourist destination but has never been a top bucket list item for me. I was pleasantly surprised! Magic seaweed (surf app) told me to go find waves at Marconi beach about halfway down the Cape. It’s low season this time of year and there was only a few other tourists there checking out the high sand dunes. There wasn’t another surfer in sight. I walked out to the point to check the surf and saw perfect right hand peelers off the sandbar. I grabbed my surfboard, left Laura with a mess of board bags and ran down a 100ft sand dune cliff to the water. All the tourists were pointing at me and taking photos probably thinking I was a complete nut for getting in the freezing water. It was some of the best surfing I’ve had since Aus, calm water, waves 10s apart breaking in a consistent spot. I stayed out for 2 hours but was petty beat from the past three days of biking and driving. 

We scaled back up the sand cliff (there was likely a way easier entrance but we do things the hard way) got changed and headed into Provincetown. 

Provincetown is the peak of the cape cod peninsula and 100% a summer tourist destination. It’s a cute little town that has managed to keep its charm and stay away from the commercial giants that have taken over so many of the US beach towns. We found an air bnb for $65, which ended up being a total gem of a place called Moffatt house. It was an original old Cape cod style estate divided up into 5-6 rooms with a shared kitchen. Kind of like a fancy hostel. We cruised around the town, grabbed some Codfish (gotta have Cod in Cape Cod right?) and packed it in pretty early.

We woke up to a steady drum of rain on the roof , putting a bit of a damper on our plans to kite or bike that day (yes trailforks found epic bike trails!). I went for a stroll to the end of the wharf while Laura cooked up some lunch to take on the road. We took our time driving the scenic route through Racer point, Wellfleet, Chatem, Harwich, Yarmouth and Hyannis. Laura had to ‘use the facilities’ so naturally we stopped at the fanciest yacht club we could find in Hyannis. A few looks stalled with big smiles from us gave us a green card .

The rest of the drive the rain really picked up so we decided to fang it to Newport RI to another Air BnB we had sorted out, which of course was another solid win of a place. We went into town to grab a bite, a pint and booked our next air bnb for NYC. We plan to be up bright an early to see Ocean Avenue, but more importantly to hit the first double overhead surf I’ve ever attempted. Yup waves reading 5-8 feet. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow after surfing we will be off to NYC to get glammed up for a night on the town. NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

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