The Great Evita Candy Band Van Adventure- day 4,5&6 

Day 4 Crescent Head- Yamba
We woke up with the sunrise disappointed to see that the swell had really dropped and the wind had picked up from the south. Exhausted from the drive we fell back asleep for a few hours and woke up at 830am to a full car park of caravans and surf four wheel drive SUVs. There were a ton of people in this quite little surf town, my guess is they read the same forecast as us hoping for some perfect right hand peelers. At this point the wind was howling, I’d guess 30knots , way to strong to whip out the kite, but the area was still pretty protected by the point. There were a bunch of older guys ripping it up on big Mals, so the line up looked a bit competitive. Em and I walked down to the beach , coffee in hand and strolled for shells. We decided to keep it a mellow morning and did a bit of tanning, headed back to the van fully intending to make breakfast. As we were coming back we saw this bleach blond ‘grommet’ kid suited up in a fancy read suit sprinting down the pathway towards the beach break with his shirt board. Aka ‘Mini Mick’. We looked out and saw that the surf at the beach break had picked right up so we suited up and went out for some waves. I caught a bunch of fun ones right before conditions got way to rugged and I was tossed around in the break. We wipped up a quick breaky and figured we’d move along. 

Next stop on the list was South West Rocks for a look-out lunch , another grilled cheese, and a slow drive up towards the big banana in Coffs Harbour 

A quick stop for a frozen chocolate banana and we hammered it up towards Yamba to see if we could sneak in a sunset surf.

Yamba is another grievous sleepy beach town and definitely one of the best on the map. The town itself has a solid beach break protected by two sides of rock points. Because the wind was still pumping we decide to pass and head to Aungouri point break even though for me it looked like perfect lake surf conditions. The swell was much bigger than anything we had seen yet, promising since we were really hoping for a perfect break for our last morning surf.

We parked the van at Angouri national park point and put together a pantry special of couscous, veggies, feta and avo. Straight gourmet ‘glamping’ . Since it was our last night together we pulled out the bottle of bubbles and sipped on champagne out of our classy plastic flutes . There were a few other vans around- a young couple and a bunch of Kiwis,  but everyone looked like they were packing it in early for the 6am surf. So we did the same!

Live Count day 4 

Dolphins -2

Snow crabs- 5

Kukaburra -1 
Day 5 – Angouri – Byron

The sun peaked her head up around 555 am , Em an I rolled out of bed in anticipation for a good swell at Angouri point break. This was the first time I had ever surfed a point so I was nervous- excited to see what all the hype was about. The swell wasn’t quite as big as yesterday but it still looked good so we suited up and paddled out. There were a few other guys in the water including Old Blue, aka surfing santa. He was an older guy in his 70s with a white beard and surf cap on, just ripping up every wave. He was super friendly and chatted me up a bit, stoked to see new faces in the line up. Em caught a few really good waves at the beginning and I picked off some of the smaller ones so I wouldn’t put myself into the rocks. Surfing is one of those things that you just have to be prepared to scare yourself or you’ll never learn anything. I OTF ‘d a few times, and jerry dropped in on a poor guy, but i figured out how the point line up works and even caught a few good right peelers. We finished up at about 830 when the local crowd started getting a bit big and cooked up a nice gourmet pancake breaky and sat out to watch the view of the point, left point and beach break. Angouri is definitely a place to stay for longer if you have a chance. They have everything there! But as roadies do, we needed to move on to get to Lennox head for another surf, and to meet up with Em’s friend for a ‘healing’.
As you pull off the pacific highway on route to Byron the first stop on the list is Ballina . In the past few weeks there has been a bunch of shark attacks in this area so naturally we went to check the surf. As you drive into the town you pass a graveyard, which is where all the people who have passed from shark attacks are buried. Rows upon rows of headstones is a humbling scene. We got to the beach and it was pretty blown out at this point , so we collected our sand and decided to make our way to Lennox Point. 

On route to Ella’s moms place we stopped off at Lennox point lookout for a beer and a true Aussie snack- crisps, butter, veggimite and cheese. When we were there we saw  a few people handgliding . It was so realaxing I passed out inEvita for an afternoon Snooze.

Next stop- healing. I’ve never experience healing Reiki treatment , so I was in for a bit of a surprise. It’s more of a non-traditional hollistic treatment where one uses himilayen bowls that help to connect your central nervous system with your muscular system . It’s a bit like massage and active release, it uses pressure points to connect both systems . It’s very gentile, but surprisingly effective. Neck and lower back pain were gone when it was over which for me is shocking! Em was having shoulder issues before and she felt a big improvement there as well . Ella hooked us up with ‘Mates rates’ and we left feeling very relaxed. 

Last stop – Byron! It was a bittersweet feeling because Em had to get up at 4am the next day to make her way back to Ocean Grove. Byron is a hippie-meets tourist town, also the most eastern point of Australia. The two beaches are infamous,the pass which is a perfect right break, and Wategos, another right. Both were crawling with ‘schoolies’ so we passed on surfing and went to grab oysters and beer at the pub, another bucket list item . Ella had suggested to eat diner at Thai Lucy, so once we had skulled an ‘Outback Special’ cocktail swe walked down that way. En route Em saw a band with a Sax player, so in no rush, we grabbed drinks there to listen for a bit. After we headed back to my Byron air bnb which ended up being an epic jungle retreat equipped with my very own koala bear. Have you ever heard a Koala? Those suckers make a lot of noise for such little guys!
Day 6! Byron Bay solo cruising

I woke up st the ripe time of 11am – something I rarely do- to birds chirping and the most gorgeous view. Riding solo I packed a pretty minimal bag and set out to explore. Just down the road from where I am staying is Tallow beach, and the best route into town. I walked along snapping pics for jellyfish and the Byron Bay lighthouse, and made it over to the pass to watch the surfers chase the waves. It was pretty crowded and i didn’t have a surfboard now that Em had taken off back to Victoria, so I parked myself on the beach to tan and watch the show.

Later that day After cruising around the shops I sat down for a beer at The Railyway Friendly bar Mono and munkadaptove fundraiser at the Railway friendly bar . Great to see a solid community of people out to support these two guys – with the schoolies out I decided to heel toe it back towards my air bnb, to a bar just around the corner called roadhouse. If your looking for fun atmosphere , chill with drinks and applies I highly suggest coming here:) 

Overall Byron was as amazing as everyone had told me , but note to all you coming down to visit – don’t go when the schoolies are out! 

Next stop was a bus ride up to the Gold Coast to Catch up with my wakeboard friend Ange Schriber , the up to the Sunny Coast for the last week of Aus adventures with long time friend Cheryl Smith aka CJ Fluerty . 

Check back soooon!

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