The Evita Candy Band Van Adventure -Day 2&3

Day 2 Road killRoos- 1 

Live count

Stingray -2

Black swans – 2 


Echnidna -1
Day 2 merimbula to ulladulla

We decided to take a little bit slower of a pace for day 2 and enjoy the south NSW area since we had cranked out over 600k the day before. We woke up , van in tack with no tickets and headed down to the beach for breaky. The surf was pretty low so we put on a pot for coffee and Em made up some gourmet musli and fruit. On route we decided to check out Tathra and lucked out with some really clean waves at this small beach cove. There was a surf school as well as 3 others out cruising so it was a great chance to really get comfortable. Em gave me some tips that made a massive difference in my ability to paddle, catch, and drop into the steeper ocean waves. I definitely scored one of the waves of the day! Afterwards we decided to treck up to bermagui to see what the surf looked like up that way . It was calling for 2-4ft, so we figured we’d take a chance. Unfortunately the wind was coming from the wrong direction so we decided to set up lunch at camel rock look out. We fried up some leftover stir fry and took in the sights beside a few classic Chinese tourists, snapping well to do photos of themselves in nice day trip outfits by the beach. 

After Bermagui we took the tourist drive up towards Ulladulla. The wind had called for 15knots around 5pm , and there were a few protected cove beaches on the map. The first placed we scoped out was called Broulee beach , a perfect white and cove with a side shore wind. There was a surf school out but otherwise hardly anyone around. I pulled out my 9m kite for a quick rip in the Crystal blue ocean while Em chilled on the beach. Ocean kiting is a totally different experience thank lake kiting, the waves are further apart and only break on the beach which really lets you rip it once you get past the surf. After about 45mins the wind died and I had to coach a nice Aussie lady on how to land my kite way down the beach. A quick Walk of shame back up , tossed the boards in the car and kept cruising. The next stop on the list was a place called Surf Beach, so naturally we had to stop there to check it out. There wasn’t any surf but it was a great place to enjoy a cider and a view. As we were walking back to the car we saw another van and a lady packing up her board . Turns out she was one of Em’s friends from Ocean Grove touring down from a surf conference up north of Sydney. She had a similar set up with the bed in the back and boards under the bed. We chatted her up for awhile and she gave me her daughters contact up in the Sunny Coast, which I fully plan to drop by her coffee shop! The next stop on the list was Ulladulla for a dinner break. Ulladulla is a pretty well known surf town and Em had mentioned that one of her good friends wil pack up his van down in ocean grove and ‘fang’ it up here if he sees the swell is good. So obviously we had to check it out. As we were driving past the main beach we noticed a car park that had 4-5 vans in it. We figured it was a great spot to connect with other van people. While we were setting up dinner we ran into a couple who had been staying there for a week. They said vans were allowed to camp overnight, and they even had hot showers. Total score. We decided to stay there for the night since the surf was supposed to be decent in the morning. A dinner of scrambled eggs and toast, a few ciders later we passed out in the van with a nice breeze and no mossies to bother us.

Day 3 road kill 

Echidna -1

Possum -1

Bat -1

Roo -1

Day 3 Live

Roos- 2 

Day 3: Ulladulla to Crescent Head 

I woke up at first light to a gorgeous view of the beach . There were already a few people out including a lady practicing tai chi in the park. Em was pretty zonked from the drive so I crawled out of bed and let her sleep for a few more hours. The surf looked small so I strolled down the beach with the ukulele to see if anyone was out along the far side. After about an hour I got back to the van to pull out my board. 

The waves were still pretty small but breaking far down the beach. I strolled down there and got in the water with four ‘real Aussie blokes’ likely in their 50s on Malis and knee boards with flippers. I caught a few small waves, and really starting to get the hang of dropping in the right time as well as catching left breaks. I chatted it up with the guys whowere  super friendly and coached me through a few waves. That’s the best thing about Aus, everyone is sooo friendly and genuinely interested in what your doing down here. Small Conversations are much longer down here!

When I jumped out of the water the waves closer to the van were going off. I watched a few locals just destroy some big waves and people startedcoming out of the woodwork. When I got back to the van Em had been busy cooking up a storm with pancakes and back Canadian style, lots of maple syrup. We ate, packed up then checked out a reef break around the corner. Wind wasn’t quite the right direction so we took off to try to beat traffic on our way through Sidney .

We took the scenic route – Grand pacific drive to Nowra where we stopped at Werri beach. There were a couple of guys out in the water and the surf looked half decent. We decided to pass because the wind popped up and treck it onto Wollongong. Wollongong is a classic suburbia town and we could really tell we were getting closer to the city because traffic picked right up and sky rises started to pop up on the roads. We stopped at North Wollongong beach to see if we could get anything there but the wind was howling through the city. We decided to cook up some grilled cheese and egg gourmet sandwiches and ate them in the van when the rain hit. The evita candy band van cafe , basically the ritz Carleton of the van people.

We knew the next stretch of drive was going to be pretty busy through Sydney and up the coast so we decided just to send it all the way to Crescent head since it was already 7pm. The surf forecast on magic seaweed was calling for 4-6ft , offshore winds and the right swell direction, on a right hand point break so we figured it would be best i we got our butts up there for a 5am surf. A quick stop at the servo for petrol and a meat pie and we did the 6 hour night drive out of Sydney. We got to Crescent head at 1am and the waves were pumping, so we passed out stoked for the morning. 



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