The Great Evita Candy Band Van Adventure -Day 1

Day 1: ocean grove to Merimbula

Roadkill Count

Kangaroo 13
Cat 1
Rabbit – 3
Echidna -1
Wombat -2
Wallaby -1
Possum -1
Fish -1
Questionable -1
Deer 1

Live Count-
Wallaby- 2
Roos- 35
Lizard 1

Welcome to Aus!!! It just so happened that I fell on an amazing opportunity to come on over to Australia during my in-between season at Blue Mountain. I’ve been meaning to come over for years, I have some really great friends who I have met along the way at Big White, through wakeboarding as well as friends from home who have moved out here. Since I spent a ton of time this summer hobbling along on crutches I figured why not go the mile and spend 3+ weeks?! I hit up my friend Emily from Big White who immediately said – ‘YES ! Get your butt down here, I have a van and we’ll do a roady up the coast, hitting the best secret surf spots along the way.’ I couldn’t believe such an opportunity like that just fell at my feet, the absolute best way to catch up with friends, surf, and see a ton of the country even the locals haven’t seen. I decided to fly into Melbourne and spend a few days with her in her hometown Ocean Grove, check out Torquay, Great Ocean Road and some of the Surf Coast of Aus. We took a few days to prep our van –  a 1994 Ford Econovan Maxi aka The Evita Candy Band Van , to make sure she was ready for the 3,500km adventure.

On that note- I kept blog posts on my phone of our adventures, so here… we … go!! (Apologize for the autocorrect!)

Day 1- Ocean Grove to Merimbula

We woke up at the ripe ol time of4am, said goodbye to Emily’s dog Fenton, her boyfriend Mack and decided to smash out the first part of the drive by ‘fanging’ it around Melbourne straight to Mallcouta. Temps were supposed to reach a high of 39- Aussie hot’ but luckily they only got to about 32. Since its spring in Victoria this isn’t really normal, the average temps are around20 degrees, rocking 4.3m wetties.We stopped in a place called Lakes entrance for an ice cream and a dip in the ocean to stretch our legs, and stick up on food and Furfy beer . (The local Geelong brew)

Mallacouta is the southern most point of Victoria before NSW. It juts out from the coast and is surrounded by jungle-like’ gum trees . We pulled into the beach and walked through a gum tree grove to see white sand beaches for miles and nobody around. We attempted to surf but the waves were closing out pretty hard and there was a strong side sweep current that sent me pretty far down the beach. After feeling very humbled and advised by Em it was probably a good idea to go in, we layed on the beach to soak up the sand. A quick nap and some PB&banana sandwiches later we took off towards Merimbula. On route we decided to pull into Pambula since it’s known for its super mellow beach break, and ran into a field covered in kangaroos. There must have been 50 of them hopping around . There was even an echidna amongst the crowd. Feeling re-energized I felt the need to battle the chop that was Pambula beach so I could show Em my ‘lake surfing’ skills. Needless to say it was less than par surfing , with thick green Alge  mixed in with jellyfish. My fear of seaweed caught up with me so I paddled in. Em had set up Evita for our first cookout dinner, the classic chicken stir fry. After dinner we washed up and jumped into the van to Merimbula where we tried to find a good spot to park the van. After about 10 mins the cops cruised buy ‘sussing’ us out so we relocated to a side street not far from the beach. 11pm lights out for a solid snooze in the most bad ass van ever…..


Melbourne DT

Road cyclists are everywhere in Aus

Mallacouta beach 

Crossfit Unicorns this ones for you !

Guilty as charged- McD’s


Thirteenth Beach – Ocean Grove


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