6 Reason Why Crossfit is the Perfect Dryland Training for Wakesports

I was NEVER a gym rat. On contraire I absolutely hated going to any indoor gym for the purpose of ‘working out’. In 2011 I suffered a pretty severe knee injury that set me back both physically and mentally. I was scared to try tricks and progress, not a mindset you want to be in if you are a watersports athlete. That same summer I met a couple through work who had started a Crossfit gym in town. I was skeptical at first, I figured Crossfit was just another fad that would come and go like 80s one piece snow suits. Great for some but definitely not for a wakeboard bum like me. Michele and John kept on insisting I needed to come out, so I figured no harm done with one trial. From there on it was game over. The classes were short, sweet, to the point and incredibly effective. My riding went from a point of plateau to learning new tricks daily. I wasn’t afraid of hurting myself because I felt like I could lift a tree trunk. The strength in my knees improved, I could squat and eventually I was able to ditch my bionic leg (aka CTI knee brace) and be free again press and poke as I pleased. Needless to say I’m hooked! Here’s why:

  1. HIGH INTENSITY in Short Periods of Time. Each work out is composed of a strength, core and cardio element packaged into one 10 – 20 minute fast pace WOD, while the rest of the time is focused on technique.  Sound familiar? Yes it is the same as a 20 minute set behind your boat, or laps around a wake park before you fall.
  2. Scalable Strength: Yes Crossfit has this ‘hard-core’ reputation where you picture images in your mind of super-jacked guys tossing tires over their heads. This is NOT the case. Each workout is designed to fit your individual needs. Not great at overhead squats? Just use the bar. Can’t do a pull up yet? Here is a band to help. Can’t link a double under skip? No problem just do regular skipping. That way everyone can workout together at relatively the same pace based on their individual ability levels.
  3. Always changing:  WODS or ‘Workout of the Day’ are made up of so many different varieties of exercises the options are endless. Part of the drive for coming to the gym is the anticipation of not knowing what you are going to do that day. It keeps things fresh, much better than going to the gym and running through the same old routine on your own.
  4. Feed that competitive dragon: If you are a wakesports enthusiasts there is a pretty high chance you have a little bit of Rocky inside you. Crossfit is designed so that each workout is a challenge. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), For Time, EMOM (every minute on the minute)… all workouts based on getting your butt into high gear to be your personal best. (Or to kick that guys butt beside you who keeps winking and flexing his biceps)
  5. Community: Crossfit is very community focused just like wakesports. Each box (another word for gym) has a blog that posts nutrition tips, social events, interesting articles and motivational TID BITS that keep life interesting. No one is allowed to put away his or her equipment until the last person is done the WOD. Cheering each other on is mandatory, and high-fives are slapped after every workout. It’s always about trying your best weather your goal is to RX or to just get through it. I guess this qualifies me as a gym rat now… oh how far things can come!

Check out http://www.crossfitmozomo.com if you are in the Collingwood area and drop in for a WOD!

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