Vikings, Apples, $$$$ and Touques @ the Norway World Championships


I am currently sitting in my cabin freezing my butt off eating a nutella pita and drinking cold coffee. Yup that’s right – the CANADIANS are freezing their butts off, Norway it’s 15 degrees out and I forgot my wetsuit at home. Classic! 


Despite the cold temps and rain Norway has been pretty chill. I arrived late on Sunday directly after my good friend Kamna’s Indian wedding (which was amazing..we all got to wear Sari’s and look pretty damn fancy) and took a train to Norsjo Feiderland, the cable park 3 hours outside of Oslo. Norway is as beautiful as the rumours. There are trees, mountains, lakes, fijords (look outs over the ocean) as far as the eye can see. The houses are so neat and tidy, the roads perfectly paved and infrastructure so incredibly efficient. The only set back is that it is Priiiiiicy!!! $20 for 4 buns and bananas. Luckily lunch and dinner are covered by the even, but it leaves little budget for extra curricular activities. Needless to say we have been keeping busy watching wakeboard videos, reading, going for long walks, working on my video submission for Ripcurl’s The Judgement and just straight chillin. 


Today is the qualifier for Open Ladies and Open Wakeskate (Yan), so wish us luck! If you want to follow the contest results check out . Stay posted for the rest of the week!

 photo-12 photo-13  photo photo1  

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