Pan Am Games Day 2 – The heart of Cuernavaca

day 2 pan am olympic festival 031

Alright folks I am late posting this since we had a bit of a celebration yesterday! It was day two, semifinals and both Christian and I qualified through to finals on Saturday. I stuck my run up until my last trick putting me into second, and CP threw down like he does qualifying in the top stop. Canada was 5 for 5, everyone in trick and wakeboard making it onto the final round. Yew!

resultssemislrback of bibslr

I also had the pleasure of meeting Erika Lang, who is a top notch trick skier (soon to be pro wakeboarder) from the US. I do have to say it was a bit strange hearing her name over the PA but I got over it pretty quickly as I watched her flip and spin like a ninja on that trick ski. I’m quite proud to be one of the Erika’s of the wake sports world after watching that run!day 2 pan am olympic festival 050



The wakeboard portion of the contest was wrapped up pretty quickly which meant we had plenty of time to go on adventures. Originally we had planned to check out Taxico, a colonial town built on top of a silver mine,  however navigating Mexico turned out to be a bit more challenging than we expected! By the time we got back to the hotel and we opted to check out the market downtown Cuernavaca instead. It turned out to be bad ass!  The whole city is full of shops and vendors, the best part was a massive tent in the heart of downtown with rows of vendors selling everything from silver jewelary to ponchos, painted skulls and Mexican blankets. Jono, Leslie, Christian, Jay Vicky (Argentina), Ana (Venezuela), and myself all picked up some nifty items for our family back home. BY that time it was Cerveca o’clock, and since we had nothing on the schedule for Friday we thought it would be appropriate to take in some real Mexican Tacos and Margaritas.

touristselfiestreet in curenavacahatsLRday 2 pan am olympic festival 017bazzar

We wrapped up the night in Jono style – which you can all only imagine involvesa microphone and Johnny Cash. Look for the video on vimeo coming shortly….


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