Bienvenido en Mexico !

DSC_0441Pan am olympic festival 018

Day 1 – Pan Am Festival in Cuernavaco Mexico I had absolutely no idea what to expect coming to this elusive event called the Pan Am Festival. I did know that Ihave never been to Mexico, so I figured why pass up an opportunity to cross another country off the bucket list? Leading up to the  event it was all quite confusing, originally it was a boat and cable event, then it became solo boat with a beautiful new cable park weeks out from being ready. Huge bummer, but lemonade is always the drink of choice in these situations- roll with what you’ve been given! Jay Poole, Christian Primrose and I boarded an early flight yesterday to make the trek for Team Canada. We met up with the Waterski crew – Jason McClintock, Taryn Grant, Steve, Neveu,Guillame Tetreault and legendary coach Steve Bush. This is my first event crossing paths with the skiers and it’s been rad having large Canadian crew to hang out with, and the bonus is that  I’m finally learning all about the technical background of three event skiing.   Today was practice at Agua Ski, a waterski lake on the outskirts of Cuernavaco. I was surprised that the wake was actually pretty awesome,  we had been forewarned of the potential of using a ski boat with no weight. Bonus! It was also the opening games which meant we were dressed to impress in Canadian attire waiving our flags.



This is the first international event I’ve been to where English is the minority, and Espanol takes over. Everyone speaks Spanish – Chili, Argentina, Columbia, Paraguay, Mexico and pretty much Brazil since Portuguese is so very close. Jay and I practiced our Spanish skills mastering Caliente! (Which means hot) and Banios, which is bathroom. Yup we are basically fluent:) (Totally lost in translation)

.jay p


Once we were done riding we had two hours to kill while the skiers got their Slalom on. I chatted with a few of the girls from Chili and Argentina and arranged a bus to take us down to the Lake where Al Sur was filmed just down the road. After somespanish directions we ended up at one of the local Mexican skier’s place right on the lake. He had Cerveca waiting for us, a huge diving platform and  an epic view. The lake is tucked in below rolling mountain ranges with gorgeous colourful houses dotting the hills. Everyone on the lake has a ski or wakeboard boat, and the lake is glass calm all the time protected from wind.   When in Mexico you run on Mexican time, which meant we missed our bus back to the hotel. Luckily the folks from the Pan Am Festival hooked us up with a driver – muchos gracious!  OK Peace out friends stay tuned for more Mexican adventures, and wish me luck in qualifiers tomorrow!

– E


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