Philippines #2 – International Bros

The coolest part about Worlds is meeting everyone from so many different countries across the Globe who are just like you. It’s kind of Ironic in a way, you relate to them more than you relate to any regular joe-blow Canadian you meet on the street at home. Everyone’s outlook on life is the same – have fun, see as much of the world as you can see, and when it comes to wakeboarding don’t be a pansy on the water. I mean, how many times in your life do you come together with over 200 people from so many nationalities that care just as much about throwing themselves in the air off of solid obstacles as they do about eating breakfast in the morning? Its fabulous! Not to mention the camaraderie is amazing in this sport.

OK, so I can go on about how awesome wakeboarding is for days. On to the next – politics and the rest of the world. It’s funny, I really hardly ever watch BBC news at home but as soon as I got off my flight I’ve been watching it on the regular. The rest of the world is so in-tuned with everything that is going on, and we really do just sleep, eat and drink in our own little bubble. I had a chance to talk to a Danish guy he filled me in on how the Dutch still today very-much hold grudges against the Germans over what happened during the second world war. Sam from Australia told me in on how the medical systems in Bangkok and Singapore are two of the best places in the world to get any surgery or operation. The boys from the Philippines talked about the corruption problem they have with the local law enforcement. Heck, we even went as far as discussing Obama care & America politics. At a wakeboard contest… I mean really. I learned so much in just a causal conversation with new-found friends. So really my whole point is that everyone should invest in the school of international travel, you gain more out of it than you could ever expect to learn anywhere at home.

Alright – to much insight for one morning. Back to wakeboarding. Its our last practice day and we only have an hour on the water with 25 riders from France, the Netherlands and Norway. I’ve finally figured out my run, now hopefully I can go land it 5 times in a row and be ready to rock! Last chance = don’t hold back. Which mean’s I’m out boys and girls! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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