IWWF Worlds – Breakfast of Champions

This morning for some reason I was laughing hysterically during breakfast over what everyone was eating. If you ever want a cut and dry example of sterotypes all you have to do is eat breakfast with a bunch of different nationalities. Aki from Finland held the fort for the European’s neat and clean reputation. The breakfast at the Holiday Inn is buffet style with a ton of options. Instead of eating the buffet he specifically asked the server for rye bread, cheese and meat. He then lined the triangle cheese slices up perfectly with the crust of the bread, followed by one slice of meat and a piece of lettuce. Beside it he had his coffee, orange juice and cutlery placed ever so neatly in their designated spots.

Then you had the young kind from Korea. I don’t know what it is about salt but apparently it is the breafast of champions. This kid absolutely rips on a wakeboard and all he ate for breakfast was a piece of white toast piled with butter and bacon strips all rolled into a sandwich. I pointed it out to him and he just laughed, then said at least he wasn’t eating bacon with soya sauce like his friend does.

The French at least has their reputation written right on the menu. I mean piles of French toast with tons of powdered sugar, nothing else. Holland eats plain white bread not toasted with jam, and then there is our team, more specifically Tibo, who complained that the maple syrup was terrible.

I’m never one to judge but is hard to ignore all these things!


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